Transparency USA has made some New Year's resolutions!
  • The "Donors" category has been renamed "Contributors" to clarify that not all contributions are monetary donations.
  • The "PACs" category has been renamed to "Committees," because the term "Political Action Committee" is not used in every state.
  • Soon, we will be rolling out changes to better differentiate between different types of transactions, whether monetary, non-monetary (in-kind), or something else. These different transaction types will also be handled more consistently among states.
This article reflects the opinion of the writer and is not necessarily the position of Transparency USA.
Tracy Marshall | 12/01/2020

With threats to blacklist Trump supporters making headlines, Transparency USA has been getting questions about whether political donors can be “doxxed,” along with requests to remove donors’ names from our site. It’s worth noting that doxxing doesn’t just happen on one side of the aisle. This fall, among other examples, celebrity rapper Cardi B reported …

Tracy Marshall | 03/16/2020

In Sunday night’s Democratic presidential debate, frontrunner Joe Biden renewed his call for eliminating private money from elections and instead having federally-funded campaigns. Candidates from both sides of the aisle are increasingly interested in having the government fund their election efforts. Here are five reasons why more government control is the wrong way to make campaigns …

Tracy Marshall | 10/09/2019

Bernie Sanders’ recent heart attack may be keeping him off the campaign trail for a while, but he is still an active presence in the race for Democratic frontrunner. Just this week, he rolled out a multi-pronged plan designed to limit the influence of money in politics. State politics are Transparency Texas’ primary focus, but …

Tracy Marshall | 10/02/2019

As Democratic presidential candidates begin to reveal how much money they raised last quarter, it makes sense to examine the policies they promote about raising that money. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders (and at least eight others) have advocated for expanding or mandating government-funded elections. Today, most advocates for government-funded campaigns, also called publicly funded …

Tracy Marshall | 04/16/2019

This week we close out our series on the Myths about Money in Politics by debunking the most insidious myth of all — that your money, time, and vote don’t matter. With constant political chatter about dark money swirling around and rumors of billionaires buying elections, it’s hard to believe that a simple contribution to …